8+ Happy 80%

How happy are you right now 1-10? This is a blunt tool, but I think it might the most useful one I've found. How would you have to re-design your life in order to be able self-report 8+ happiness at least 80% of the time (12 out of 15 waking hours per day)? What is [...]

Obstacle Alchemy

"The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way." -Marcus Aurelius (through Ryan Holiday's The Obstacle is the Way) The gap between undesirable and desirable situations has always been "problems that need solving." So why do we think about these problems as "the things stopping us" instead of the very [...]

You'd be amazed at what you can say and not be judged for as long as it's completely honest. What self-expression are you suppressing where there really isn't a need to suppress it at all?


What if taking 3 days off gave your brain the rest it needed to solve your biggest problem in 20 minutes?

Feel Control

When we feel unhappy, it's often because we don't feel control in a certain area. Is that true for you right now? Think about your situation, and ask yourself, "How could I regain control here?"

How could I be wrong?

We have a powerful bias toward what we already think is true. Often, that shuts us down to information that might be helpful to us. Take a little time before any big decision to mindstorm... "How could I be wrong?" or "What could go wrong?"

Most Box Traps take the form of fear of being rejected by 1 person or a small group of people. We do depend on our tribes to survive. Thing is, we can now easily access new tribes at almost any time. The response of 1 or a few people to your behavior will rarely irreversibly [...]

Faced Fear Fades

Fear thrives on unclear definition. Look straight at it, and it often fades. This is one of the reason writing down your Box Trap works so well.

The Box Trap

The fastest possible way to accelerate and multiply your happiness is to acknowledge your "Box Trap" on paper. The Box Trap is any uncomfortable situation that restricts your freedom from doing something else you'd prefer, but you fear the cost of getting out is too high to even consider. It's a term coined by Harry [...]

When you're practicing the 3 Best exercise, 2 things are extremely important: 1. Tell the truth about what ACTUALLY made you feel the best, not what "should have" made you feel the best. 2. Don't just record it. Take a moment to re-live, enjoy, and feel it again.