Reduce to Increase

When we delete things that are irritating, space opens for things that bring happiness. What are some normal daily activities or realities that you take for granted, but you could actually get rid of to make room for something better? What the better thing you would replace it with?

1 full rest day

I'm also making another test: Instead of half working, half resting on both Saturday and Sunday, I'm going to get all my work done on Saturday so I can rest COMPLETELY on Sunday. This is made possible in part by hiring out food prep. I'm pretty excited about this one, too. We'll see.

Buy Time, not Stuff

I'm experimenting for the first time with hiring out something I don't really like doing: Food prep. I LOVE the results of food prep, and have been doing it for about 18 months, but purchasing and cooking food is 3-4 hours that hangs over Saturdays that I've been wanting to get rid of. As I [...]

A line from Brian Tracy has been unusually useful to me: "Anything anyone else has done, within reason, you can do as well." Next time you feel anxious about something, try that one out and see if it empowers you the way it does me. "Anything anyone else can do, within reason, I can do [...]

Your Context

Pick 4 or 5 life areas that are important to you (not should be, but actually, selfishly are). What are 2 or 3 things inside each one that you're grateful are working really well? Whats 1 or 2 things inside each one you're working to improve? This little exercise gives a fantastic, useful, digestible snapshot [...]

Another one stolen from Dan Sullivan today. The reasonable amount of time we have to get something important done is usually completely made up in our heads. Not specific deadlines that have been agreed on with others, but the bigger picture projects. Here's the question: What if you had 25 years to accomplish this big [...]

Denying weakness doesn't make us stronger. It disables us from strengthening the weakness. Acknowledging weakness doesn't make us weaker. It empowers us to strengthen it. Where has your performance been faltering recently? What could you do to either make that irrelevant or improve it?

The Rabbit Hole

We often avoid facing difficult realities because we think it will take us down an endless rabbit hole with no end or solution. There is always an answer. Very few things are binary. 2 opposite paths are probably not your only options. What would a solution look like that involves "and" instead of "or?"

The Key Constraint

There are usually lots of ways to get a certain result. There are usually very few ways you'll actually stick to. "What works" is an important question, but it's not really the key question. What works for you?

Write Your Fears

If you're feeling anxious, write down everything that's making you anxious and why. Then look at it to see if there might be something you can do There's always something you can do. What's got you anxious?

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